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Press to Impress

Nathan Knottingham, COO at Vetted VA, announced the launch of a new mortgage continuing education provider, MLO Force, from the stage at HousingWire’s The Gathering this week.

MLO Force serves all National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) licensed professionals seeking to maintain their licenses. The comprehensive continuing education courses cover federal and state-specific CE requirements in a compelling and entertaining digital-first video format designed to make the completion process as painless and informative as possible...

Announced today at HW’s The Gathering, MLO Force (Powered by 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching) is set to revolutionize the CE world by offering a unique and more enjoyable CE experience at an unbeatable price. 

In a testament to the need for enjoyable CE and in no small part to the stellar reputations of Nathan and Sawyer, MLO Force is already taking pre-orders from small and large companies to deliver the CE for their organizations...

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